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At Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma, many of our pain management patients are often surprised at how often basic forms of activity are major parts of our pain treatment recommendations. While certain rarer forms of chronic pain may require rest over all else, true recovery in most cases actually comes with several active techniques, including basic activities that keep the muscles and joints in the area moving.

Given it’s both springtime and a highly unique period in history based on the COVID-19 outbreak, some of these forms of activity are of particular importance – not only for pain management and comfort reasons, but for mental health, exercise and several others as well. In this two-part blog series, we’ll first go over several excellent activity formats to consider for pain management, then a few general tips our pain management professionals can offer on how to participate in these activities in smart, healthy ways.


For starters, both on its own and in coordination with other forms of activity, stretching is an excellent tool for pain management and recovery. Stretching loosens the muscles and helps with flexibility, plus allows for a greater range of motion during other activities you may perform. It should be done before and after any strenuous forms of exercise, but do not hesitate to simply stretch as a sole activity as well.


Down similar lines, yoga involves targeted stretching and aerobic themes that are often excellent for those dealing with chronic pain. Many who suffer from conditions like migraines, back pain, arthritis and other chronic pain symptoms find success with yoga, which helps target specific pain areas and brings relief through various methods.

Swimming and Water Exercises

While pool access might be tougher to come by during these times, those who have such access should take advantage. Many aerobic exercises for people with significant pain symptoms are best done in a pool, which limits your weight and helps with basic movements. Many with significant mobility problems find they’re able to exercise properly and comfortably in a pool setting.


There are also numerous other forms of cardio, from basic walks and hikes to jobs, bike rides and many others. Not only will these kinds of simple cardio help with pain management, they also improve heart health, blood pressure and related areas.

Basic Themes

Finally, there are several basic themes in everyday life that absolutely count as forms of movement and activity. From completing low-stress housework to walking the dog or pruning your flower beds, you can combine activities you enjoy with simple, low-strain activity formats that help with chronic pain and other wellness areas.

For more on how to stay active despite chronic pain, or to learn about any of our pain management services, speak to our staff at the Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma today.