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When you visit the Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma, you will receive a comprehensive approach to pain management. Our pain management clinic, led by Dr. Liphard D’Souza, offers a wide variety of treatment options for both acute and chronic pain conditions, ranging from physical therapy and related programs to specific treatments like combined electrochemical therapy (CET).

In addition to these options, we’re also happy to provide suggestions and approaches for those people who live day-to-day with various forms of chronic pain. While precise recommendations will differ from patient to patient, this two-part blog series will cover several general habits that help many people reduce pain and live a more comfortable life.

Proper Diet

One of more common sources of chronic pain among people today stems from the body’s inability to heal itself properly and within a decent amount of time. Many of those who suffer from regular pain deal with these concerns, which may develop into a cycle where the body is never able to find relief from pain.

An important action that can help limit these concerns: Eating a balanced, healthy diet. Most people don’t realize how heavily this impacts the body’s healing mechanisms, from individual muscles or joints all the way to the overall immune system. A healthy diet helps you support normal weight and limit your risk of disease.  It can also allow for the kind of body synergy that keeps internal defenses high, in turn promoting proper responses to pain.

Regular Exercise

While it may seem unwise to exercise if you’re in the midst of pain, there are situations where doing so will actually contribute directly to limiting this pain. The primary reason for this is the fact that exercise triggers the release of endorphins and hormones that have been proven to help reduce pain symptoms in a variety of areas. In addition to this, exercise builds up muscles, joints and other physiological areas and increases their natural ability to withstand pain.

Quit Smoking

Research from numerous sources and across multiple decades all reveal the same thing: Smoking can increase your pain issues, decrease your body’s healing capabilities and increase the risk of disc damage and disease. Smoking lowers your circulation, a vital factor in providing proper healing. If you have chronic pain and have not been able to quit smoking, focusing your efforts on this area can go a long way towards good health and less pain.

Meditation and Relaxation

For many people, chronic pain is largely a bodily response to constant stress in the muscles. Utilizing meditation or other forms of relaxation can have a major impact here – like exercise, these practices often release endorphins that promote healing. They also help to directly limit the tension in areas that might be the source of your pain.

For more information on daily habits to help you limit pain, or for any questions regarding ways to help limit constant pain, speak to the staff at Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma today.