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Have you ever made a New Years’ resolution to live a healthier lifestyle?

Many people intend to start living healthier with the turn of a new year but struggle to maintain it. This year, make the change and start living the life you deserve.

Living a healthy lifestyle starts with motivation. Set a goal in place that is attainable – and stick to it. Diet and exercise are normal first steps. You might want to reduce your sugar and carbs intake or start walking more. No matter what, good nutrition must be a way of life, not simply a resolution to be forgotten about. Eating the right types of foods is paramount to feeling great each day. But no matter the health goal, our team at Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma we want to help guide you in living the life you deserve.

NTCO provides a patient-first approach to managing pain due to symptoms of neuropathy and other nerve-related pain. Our Nerve Regenerating Therapy is a great way to start your journey of living a pain free life with no surgery or joint injections to get in your way. This therapy is safe and has been proven to reduce symptoms of neuropathy in 87% of patients.

At Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma, we want to help treat your symptoms related to Neuropathy because we understand that a healthier lifestyle coincides with living pain-free. Let us eliminate those hard-to-get-out-of-bed mornings so you can start feeling happier and healthier every day. Our providers would love to meet with you and get started on this journey together! Give us a call for a consultation on what your personalized plan would look like.

Along with treatment at NTCO, the food you put in your body and the right amount of exercise are great steps to reducing symptoms of neuropathy for many individuals. Call 918-921-8160 and start living PAIN FREE IN 2023!

Try this healthy and delicious recipe to get you started:CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE