Patient Spotlight – Nothing Stops Me Now Thanks to NTCO

October 1, 2021

Don had been experiencing numbness in the bottom of his feet for about 20 years. If he walked out onto his front porch, he would only be able to sense that something was under him but had no actual feeling in his feet. His next-door neighbor, who had great success from treatment at Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma, encouraged him to give it a try. He finally made the call a few months later, and now, both he and his wife get treatment from NTCO.

Don is happy to report that when he walks out on his front porch now, he can feel every grain of sand or rock that is under his feet! He began regaining feeling after only one treatment. Don wishes he’d had NTCO when he played golf because he had a tough time with his balance when swinging. Feeling the bottom of your feet is necessary for good balance. If he had known what he knows now – he would have started treatment sooner.

You don’t want to look back on your life and wish that same thing – that you would have started treatment sooner. With non-surgical treatment and no side effects, you should give NTCO a try! Schedule a consultation by calling (918) 921-8160 now. You can take steps toward recovery just like Don and come to the Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma. 87% of patients say they feel a reduction in symptoms. Our individualized treatment plan targets your specific situation because no two people are the same.

Don wants you to know that this treatment WORKS! Call today to start the path to freedom from pain from the symptoms of Neuropathy. You don’t have to live that way anymore – nothing can stop you now, thanks to NTCO!

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