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It wasn’t until Kirk found NTCO that he experienced a treatment for his chronic pain that actually worked.

Kirk moved here from California where he had tried nine different doctors to help with his pain from the symptoms of neuropathy. After moving to Oklahoma, he heard about NTCO on the radio and had to try it. He had tried everything else, to no success. There was such an intense burning in his feet that sometimes he felt like he was standing on a skillet. He slept with his feet in front of a fan just to cool them down. He hadn’t slept well for a long time due to pain throughout his body, not just in his feet, but in his back as well. Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma has changed Kirk’s life dramatically. He is now living with so much less pain than he was before.

Here at NTCO, we want you to LIVE PAIN FREE by finding TREATMENT THAT WORKS. There is no need to jump from doctor to doctor and take all sorts of medications with no success. Instead, start at Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma and see results. Schedule a consultation today to see how to finally relieve the pain with which you’ve been living – there is hope.

If you are experiencing pain from the symptoms of neuropathy, there is a way back to feeling like yourself again. Our friendly staff would love to help you too! Our state-of-the-art treatment plans are tailored to your specific needs so that you can find relief.

Call Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma at (918) 921-8160 and speak with someone about your next steps in finding treatment that works. No referral is needed.

Watch Kirk tell how he got a better quality of life, “The best part of coming is so much less pain!”