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Pete’s toes were burning which made it very hard to sleep. When he would go to bed, he couldn’t put any weight on them so he would sleep in socks instead of using a blanket. The wife of another veteran like himself suggested he go to Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma. He tried the treatment and after about 7 or 8 weeks the pain reduced. Now he can sleep well and put a blanket over his feet. Pete says that if you aren’t in a good mood, NTCO puts you in a good mood – it’s a fun way to spend 20-25 minutes. The staff is fun but also very professional, if you ask a question, they know the answer.

Liphard D’Souza, MD, is one of the many treatment providers you may see while in our clinic. Along with our experienced medical staff, he will walk with you through your journey to recovery. Dr. D’Souza is the only board-certified Neurologist in Tulsa who provides Nerve Regenerating Therapy to dramatically decrease pain associated with damaged, inflamed, and irritated nerves.

Our goal is to give you relief from your symptoms of neuropathy without drugs or steroids. You might feel like you have tried every option there is and frankly have given up on any relief – but THERE IS HOPE at NTCO! With no side effects, our individualized treatment plan should be your next step to freedom from pain.

Pete fully recommends Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma. If you struggle with pain due to symptoms of neuropathy, you should try it as well! Call 918-921-8160 today for a consultation to see if NTCO is the right place for you. You won’t regret at least trying – there’s nothing to lose!

START LIVING PAIN FREE. Come see us at Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma.