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Thanksgiving is approaching, a holiday that is surrounded by attitudes of gratefulness and thankfulness. A time where family and friends gather around for wonderful food and great conversations. However, during the holiday season, people tend to throw their healthy eating plans out the window and welcome all the carbs, sweets, and lots of them.

Dinners are served with mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, casseroles, and stuffing, however with those who deal with symptoms related to neuropathy, especially those that are diabetic can often find it difficult and challenging to eat according to their restricted plans.

However, eating during the holidays doesn’t have to be difficult, here are a few helpful tips to make you feel in the spirit of Thanksgiving while also being cautious of what you are eating.

When preparing food during the holidays, really try to cook all food dishes from scratch. While dealing with neuropathy, you want to avoid canned veggies & fruits, canned soups, packaged potatoes, rice, and pastas.

Think ahead to what will be on the menu and plan out what you will eat. While there could be many of your favorite food dishes, being cautious and planning out what you will and will not eat will make it easier to say no in the midst of the dinner.

Focus on eating as many green vegetables as you want. Realizing that during the holidays squash, acorn, and pumpkin are all carbohydrates, so eating large amounts of them is not recommended.

Allow yourself dessert, but make sure it is in your previously planned menu. Do not just show up thinking you will decide when you get there. Desserts and sweets are what everyone specializes in during the holidays so going in with a game plan will help you to not overeat in the sweets department.