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Thanksgiving. A time of family, fun, and of course – food! But not just any food, creamy, sugary, curl up on the couch and sleep afterwards type of food. We all love it, but for those of us who are trying to maintain a diet that will help our Neuropathy symptoms diminish, the temptations are real.

There are ways to enjoy the eating adventures of the holiday and not get too off course in maintaining a healthy diet. It’s a matter of planning ahead – deciding where you will indulge in those favorite holiday treats and where you can make some good choices to not derail all the good you’ve been doing. It does take more work, but in the end, you won’t feel that regret of over-indulgence.

Substituting healthier ingredients can be a great placed to start. Some tried and true options are:

  1. Avocado in place of butter
  2. Greek yogurt instead of cream
  3. Almond flour in place of regular flour
  4. Applesauce instead of sugar for baking
  5. Flax seeds for eggs
  6. Cacao nibs for chocolate or nuts
  7. Banana in place of oil in baking recipes

Cauliflower has also become a great substitute for bread products, and we all know stuffing is a Thanksgiving staple. Click here for a recipe for Cauliflower Stuffing from

Don’t be afraid, however, to eat that favorite Thanksgiving treat this year. Once slice won’t hurt. And know that NTCO is here to help if you are dealing with pain due to symptoms of neuropathy. We can help you with a plan for your diet along with Nerve Regenerating Therapy to help you LIVE A LIFE WITHOUT PAIN. That’s the goal – to live again!

Enjoy the holidays with the help of Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma! Call 918-921-8160 to schedule a consultation that could change the rest of your life!