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Everybody talks about the numbers that they see on the news in terms of COVID. However, everybody is sleeping on the lasting effects that it has and uphill battle that some will face after being diagnosed with COVID-19. The recovery process is daunting for many. The number that you see on TV for “recovered” is 100% false. Those people that are listed as recovering are the ones that got out of the hospital. They are not recovered. Earlier, this year I spent 11 days in the hospital due to COVID-19. Manual labor would not have been an option for me in the months following my stint in the hospital. COVID had zapped the energy out of me. Sleeping on the recovery process is the mistake that a large number of people have done by not considering the toll it takes on you physically, being cognizant of your genetics and underlined health conditions, and not taking into account the damage that insufficient oxygen to the brain can do to you.

Inflammation that builds up while diagnosed with COVID-19 inhibits your ability to take in oxygen. When you use oxygen, which happens quickly, small movements such as getting up and walking to the door will leave you winded. You are in a constant battle of inflammation amongst other things. Adequate rest is crucial in your body’s recovery process. If sufficient rest is not achieved, the amount of time it takes to recover extends. In my case, gaining the right amount of oxygen was my biggest battle. Even on oxygen, I was still mid too low 80s while in the hospital. They would have you lay on your stomach if you wanted to rest. My oxygen would go up to low 90s, at least, which eased my mind. Whenever I got out of the hospital, I would walk to the bathroom and just literally be panting like a dog. The recovery time was drastically longer than I had anticipated. The scary part is the simple fact that the way the body handles it varies with every situation.

The Coronavirus has impacted everybody differently.

Your genetics and underline health conditions play a pivotal factor. If I had it to do all over again, I would not lay around in bed. When you are quarantined to a room and away from the rest of your family, you do not want to get them sick. I would have got up and moved around much more than lying in bed. With any type of virus, the typical treatment is going home and rest, drink fluids, and let your body heal. You handle COVID-19 differently and be aware of warning signs while infected.

Any time you are deprived of oxygen, things are happening negatively in your body. There’s a plethora of neurological actions that occur in your brain. They talk about the COVID pneumonia. It’s not necessarily fluid filling up the lungs, like you would normally have with pneumonia cases. Once the virus hits the lungs your body responds differently, but in some people their immune response is severe. When your alveoli get damaged, it leads to major health complications.

Do not take COVID-19 lightly.

The vast majority of Americans are vitamin D deficient. Monitoring your levels and maintaining optimal levels naturally by soaking up some sunshine outside is an easy thing to do when boosting your immune system. The majority will recover and move on. Unfortunately, there’s some that have been punched right in the face with it. I think the important thing for them to understand is do not give up on it. Put one foot in front of the other. Beat your movement from yesterday and maintain positive momentum is crucial. Do not give up.

We are keeping you safe at Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma. We have plexiglass walls between each treatment chair, six-foot spacing and everybody has a mask on when you walk in the door, the staff included as we take all of the CDC precautions. If you have experienced burning, tingling, and numbness during the recovery process of COVID-19, we can help. Schedule a consultation today and let us get you back to a pain-free life!