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As one of the most common chronic pain conditions out there, sadly a number of myths have arisen in popular culture regarding back pain. We’re not sure where many of these came from, but over the years there are several major misconceptions that have arisen – and when those suffering from back pain take this faulty advice, they often worsen or exacerbate back pain symptoms rather than relieving them.

At Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma, we’re here to provide you with medically-proven facts and treatments for back pain, along with numerous other pain or neuropathy conditions. Our staff will happily correct any silly myths you may have heard regarding chronic back pain – this two-part blog series will begin this process now, identifying several of the biggest back pain misconceptions and putting them to bed once and for all.

“No Pain, No Gain”

One of the most frustrating myths we encounter is one that goes well beyond back pain, sadly. It’s common among those who work out regularly or perform other forms of athletics: The “no pain, no gain” mantra.

This is an approach that seems to assume one can only become more physically fit by putting themselves through pain, both during a workout and afterward. Rather, resting after hard workouts is vital for repairing muscles – and if you experience significant chronic pain in an area like the back, this is a clear sign from the body that you’re doing something wrong and should change up the program.

Rest is the Only Option

While there are situations where it will be recommended by a doctor or pain management specialist that you rest your painful back for a day or two, long-term rest is actually not a great treatment for most chronic back pain situations. Rather, they may actually worsen the condition. Instead, our professionals will recommend various movements to help work through the pain, from stretches to other activities as necessary.

Weight Myths

There are myths on both sides of the weight coin when it comes to back pain:

  • Being overweight isn’t a factor in back pain: This is untrue – being overweight can absolutely contribute to back pain by compressing and squeezing the spine, leading to a higher risk of chronic pain issues. Reduction in weight can reduce these risks.
  • Losing weight solves my back pain issues: With the above stated, some are under the mistaken impression that losing a few pounds will solve back pain issues completely. While this area can absolutely have an impact, it is only one part of the equation here in most cases.

Only Surgery Will Relive My Pain

While there are surgical methods available for severe cases of chronic pain that cannot be remedied using other methods, the vast majority of such cases will not be treated using surgery. Rather, we will look to much less invasive (and less expensive) methods for pain management, including addressing root causes in an attempt to cut pain off at its source.

For more on debunking common myths regarding back pain or any other type of pain, or to learn about our neuropathy or other treatments, speak to the staff at Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma today.