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If you are experiencing pain due to symptoms of neuropathy, you might be wondering what options there are. You might have been told you need surgery or narcotics to combat the pain – but that is not true! Here are some frequently asked questions about how Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma can help you:

How is this treatment different than other pain clinics?

  • Nerve Regenerating Therapy (NRT) is an FDA approved treatment for relieving chronic pain due to symptoms of neuropathy. It is non-surgical, reduces the need for pain medications, and can encourage nerve regrowth.

How do I know if I’m a good candidate?

  • Call Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma to set up a consultation to see if the pain you are experiencing could be reduced with our treatment.

What happens in the consultation?

  • Our medical staff will get a complete medical history, plus test your reflexes and foot pressure to determine if you have large or small nerve fiber damage. We will review recent lab work, give you an overview of the treatment program, and answer any questions you might have. After this initial assessment, we will follow up with our findings and let you know if you are a qualified candidate for treatment.

How does treatment work?

  • Our medical team injects a Pharmaceutical Grade Nutrient Blend to decrease inflammation and pain. Then, they apply carefully controlled electrical signals to the affected region which targets and helps soothe the damaged nerves.

How long does it take?

  • Typical treatment plans are 12 weeks of treatments with 2 appointments per week, a total of 24 treatments. Each session lasts about 30-40 minutes and is administered in our clinic.

Are there side effects?

  • There are no side effects to Nerve Regenerating Therapy. It is non-surgical and does not use any prescription oral medications. Plus, it is essentially painless, other than the slight pinch with the injection.

How quickly will I feel results?

  • Many patients feel the beginning of pain relief after the first 1-2 sessions, but every patient is unique. All patients report a reduction in pain on the pain scale.