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Colder weather is coming whether we want it to or not. And along with cooler temperatures comes increased symptoms of neuropathy. It’s no secret that neuropathy symptoms flare up in cold months, so we need to be ready to adjust and stand up to pain – with the help of Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma.

Whether you are feeling tingling, numbness, or pain, or dealing with diabetes or shingles, daily chores or even just sitting at your computer at work can be excruciating. What used to be simple tasks become monumental when chronic pain is involved. And it doesn’t get easier, it just becomes expected, which is no way to live the only life you have.

Did you know there is a new technology that can relieve the symptoms you are feeling and actually reverse the progression of nerve degeneration? It’s called Nerve Regenerating Therapy and is available at Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma. Nerve Regenerating Therapy has been the subject of multiple scientific research studies, and 87% of patients experience a significant improvement in symptoms, if not complete relief. Plus, research shows those who have pre and post skin biopsies have increased nerve fiber density and nerve rejuvenation, which shows that treatment is not simply masking your symptoms, but instead actually reverses the trendline.

This nonsurgical therapy combines injections of a Pharmaceutical Grade Nutrient Blend with electrical stimulation to provide significant relief from your symptoms. One of our medical team members also works with you to better manage the underlying cause of your neuropathy.

Treating the whole person instead of just your symptoms is key to long-term relief. Whether you are struggling with sciatica, neck pain, diabetes, shingles, knee pain, joint pain, or back pain, this Nerve Regenerating Therapy can help tremendously.

If this sounds familiar, let’s talk! Click HERE and schedule today – change the rest of your life!