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When treating chronic pain, it’s important to look at what’s going on in the entire body – not only the specific points from which pain is radiating. The systems of our human bodies work together and when one aspect is thrown off, it can affect another. We have to keep that in mind when treating any sort of pain that is occurring. It could be only affecting that specific area, or it could be a response in the body from some other aspect of life. Just like when lack of sleep can cause a whole myriad of issues in how your body functions, your nerves are not immune to the effects of how you live your life on a daily basis.

In seeking medical treatment, it’s important to talk to your provider about how you live your life as well as what pain you are experiencing. You shouldn’t feel forced to take medications that you are not comfortable with, but rather have an educated approach where you can make some choices regarding your care. At Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma, your desires are of utmost importance to us. Our goal is to help you be able to say, “I CAN BE ME,” whether that’s in being able to do an activity you thought you’d never get to do again or in your choice of treatment plan.

At NTCO, our patient-first approach to pain management is evident to patients throughout the evaluation and treatment process. Each treatment plan is tailored to fit the needs and circumstances of the patient. There is no cookie-cutter approach to medicine here.

One aspect of life that can greatly affect the way we feel on a daily basis is how we fuel our body. Food is such an integral part of the way we live, and it’s easy to get caught up in all of the fast-food and quick meal options out there. Life gets so busy that we don’t think about what we are putting into our bodies, which in turn can bring on more problems. Sometimes simply changing our eating patterns can make a huge difference in nerve health.

To jump start change in your life, try this healthy recipe next time you pull out the cookware:
Lemon Chicken Stir-Fry

If you are experiencing chronic pain, call NTCO at 918-921-8160 to discuss your options.