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January 1, 2022

Lou Ann was having so much trouble walking. Her feet were completely numb and felt like ice cubes all the time. She would have to wrap heating pads around both of her legs to sleep due to leg cramps during the night. Within two weeks of treatment at Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma, she noticed that her feet were no longer cold and the tightness she had been feeling was gradually lessening.

After treatment, Lou Ann doesn’t feel like she is going to stumble all the time because she can’t feel her feet. It has helped her keep her balance, she can walk more than she was ever used to, and her feet are not cold anymore. Lou Ann has a whole new life. She feels that it’s been a miracle that she found Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma!

If you are suffering from symptoms related to neuropathy, NTCO can give you hope as well. We want you to start the year pain free so you can do the things that you have missed out on due to chronic pain. Nerve Regenerating Therapy is proven to reduce symptoms related to neuropathy in 87% of patients. Rather than simply masking your pain with medication, our staff of qualified medical professionals treat the symptoms related to neuropathy at the source with electrochemical treatment. This nonsurgical therapy combines injections of a Pharmaceutical Grade Nutrient Blend with electrical cell signaling to provide significant relief.

You could be the next person to experience relief that you thought was just not possible. Maybe you’ve tried everything there is to try. You might have given up the hope of doing those things that you love to do. If that’s you, you must give Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma a chance. Don’t give up – our healthcare providers can help! Call 918-921-8160 to schedule a consultation today!

Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma

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