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How did your last New Year’s resolution pan out for you? Sad to say, most people quit their resolutions pretty quickly into the new year. It’s one thing to make the statement and a whole other thing to keep up the momentum. Sometimes we need a little help balancing life and health. Here at Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma, we promote a healthy lifestyle for all our patients and have seen some amazing results.

It’s about accountability. You are much more likely to hold true to your resolution if someone else is there with you seeing if you are following through or not. And being that person for someone else can be a big motivating factor in your own health as well.

At NTCO, we know it is difficult to start a new plan for health when you are dealing with chronic pain, no matter what the reason. It’s hard enough to just get out of bed, let alone push yourself to live a healthier lifestyle. But that’s why we are here. Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma wants to help minimize those symptoms due to neuropathy so you can jump out of bed instead of crawl. Our Nerve Regenerating Therapy has proven effective in reducing symptoms of neuropathy in 87% of patients.

Our providers would love to team up with you in bringing healthy habits into your life this year. Call us for a consultation on what your individualized treatment plan would look like. We know that the food we put into our bodies plus the right amount of exercise can help reduce symptoms of neuropathy for so many people. Our friendly staff can help you know where to start and how to progress as your get healthier to keep that momentum so you can LIVE PAIN FREE in 2022. Call 918-921-8160 to schedule a consultation today!

Try Spicy Cabbage Soup to jump-start your path to eating healthy in the new year. It is allergen friendly, low-calorie, and has tons of flavor.