Symptoms of Neuropathy and How They Affect Your Lifestyle

April 1, 2020

Common Symptoms of Neuropathy

Do you have neuropathy?

The most common symptoms of neuropathy include, but are not limited to, pain, burning, numbness, tingling, and tightness. Other unique symptoms, as described by our patients, include the feeling of pins and needles in your feet, wearing tight socks but not having visible swelling, imbalance issues, and also feeling a strong burning as if their feet are on fire or ice cold. These symptoms are continually affecting the lives of patients suffering from them daily, hindering them from living a healthy lifestyle. Some people suffering from neuropathy are unable to exercise due to the pain or numbness they are experiencing; others are unable to sleep due to hypersensitivity in the affected area.

Our goal at the Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma is to allow our patients to GET BACK TO LIVING THE LIFE THEY LOVE. Many of our patients have had to give up hobbies, daily activities, and family activities due to the pain related to Neuropathy.

We strive to be a clinic who provides individualized care for each patient, their symptoms, and their life goals.

Common Symptoms:

  • Pain, numbness, tingling, burning, and tightness
  • The feeling of having socks on
  • Intense burning or cold feeling causing pain
  • Swelling that makes patients unable to walk
  • Can cause Diabetic ulcers/infection (unable to feel them due to numbness)

Common disruptions to lifestyle due to symptoms:

  • Unable to exercise/walk for long periods of time
  • Unable to stay mobile and flexible
  • Unable to stand for too long

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