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Neuropathy does not affect everyone the same. It presents itself differently in each person. from symptoms to treatment, each person’s journey is different.

NTCO, offers a FDA approved system of electric stimulation combined with a Pharmaceutical Grade Nutrient Blend for relief of chronic pain and in most cases, regrowth of healthy nerves. Other pain clinics use pain medicines, lasers, chiropractic, light therapy and vibration therapy; all of these only treat the symptoms of pain and do not encourage nerve regrowth.

Our medical team uses combined electrochemical therapy, also known as CET. CET is a new technology that combines low, middle, and high frequencies that reach deeper into the tissue structures helping to regenerate nerve growth. Our treatments can help patients to regain their independence back from the symptoms that rob them from fully enjoying their life. NTCO has a desire to not only help those suffering from the symptoms of neuropathy but to educate them on how to regain a healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

With our treatment plan there are also no side effects. The treatment is non-surgical and does not use any prescription oral medications. We also treat the whole body with a wellness approach that will improve your overall health, not just the pain from symptoms related to neuropathy.