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At the Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma our highly qualified medical staff is dedicated to providing long-term relief from neuropathy and other debilitating conditions by addressing the underlying cause of the pain.

Within our clinic, we have a patient-first approach. Throughout our evaluation and treatment process, we make sure the treatment plan is customized to the needs and circumstances of each patient.

Our treatment method offers significant relief from neuropathy symptoms for 87% of patients who undergo the therapy. We use innovative treatments such as combined electrochemical therapy (CET) for neuropathy and other nerve-related pain disorders.

We have treated patients who have sought relief from multiple doctors, taken many medications, and have lived with pain and symptoms related to neuropathy for years, even decades. Many of our patients were told there is not a cure for the symptoms or pain related to neuropathy, but other medications and injections would “help” relieve the pain.

After our 12-week treatment plan, the success rate within the patients at our clinic is much higher than those who take multiple medications daily.

We’ve seen countless people able to get back to living the life they love with no numbness, tingling, or pain

We recently sat down with one of our medical providers Jennifer Martin, DNP-APRN-CNP, to ask why most patients don’t experience results from other outside treatment plans and medications?

Martin said, “The reason why most patients don’t experience results with other treatments such as steroids or medications is because the medications that they are taking to treat their neuropathy actually have a side effect of neuropathy.”

When it comes to steroid injections, steroid injections are designed to remove inflammation, so it doesn’t necessarily work on pain from symptoms related to neuropathy. A lot of the things other doctors prescribe cover up the symptoms. It doesn’t fix the underlying problem which is nerve damage due to neuropathy.

At NTCO, we use an FDA approved system of electric stimulation combined with a Pharmaceutical Grade Nutrient Blend for relief of chronic pain and in most cases, regrowth of healthy nerves.

If you are experiencing numbness, tingling, pain, or combined symptoms of neuropathy, call today to schedule a consultation, and start your journey to becoming symptom free from neuropathy.

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