Chronic Nerve Pain = Problem

July 1, 2021

Nerve pain plagues nearly every individual at some point in their life. Whether you’ve burned your hand cooking at the stove or simply stubbed your toe, you’ve experienced it. Now imagine that pain continuing. At some point you think, surly this will go away. But it doesn’t. And then you find yourself living with this chronic pain with no end in sight. It becomes a part of your daily routine. It starts defining what you can do and what you can’t. It takes over your life and you feel like there is no hope.

This might be your story. One day you are fine and the next, whether due to trauma, illness, or maybe something as simple as a vitamin deficiency, you are struggling each day to do the things you used to do so easily.

Some symptoms of nerve pain disguise themselves to the point that you may think it’s something else altogether. Take muscle weakness, cramping, or twitching, for instance. This seemingly normal thing that can occur could be caused by motor nerve Neuropathy. Or even having an abnormal heart rate could be due to autonomic nerve Neuropathy. But the sort of nerve pain that we normally would think of, like tingling or numbness and loss of coordination are a part of sensory nerve Neuropathy.

Our nerve cells are what communicates with the brain that something is wrong. If that communication is damaged, then we feel strange sensations or might further injure ourselves simply because we don’t realize that something is too hot or there is a wound. It is important to make sure our nervous systems are well taken care of, whether through getting adequate nutrition and exercise as well as visiting a specialist if something isn’t feeling quite right. Don’t let those feelings become “normal” — that could be a dangerous path for your health.

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