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Dennis had back surgery back in 2016. He was living in New York at the time. Because of the surgery, he had a little bit of tingling and Neuropathy in his feet. His doctors there told him it might get better, or it might get worse — and it definitely got worse. The only thing they said they could do was give him symptom reducing medication. They kept increasing the dosage, but it wasn’t helping him. He was up to 2400mg, and it wasn’t doing anything to relieve the pain.

Then they moved to Oklahoma where Dennis saw an ad on TV for the Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma. He decided to give it a try. The staff was so helpful and kind. They always had a smile on their face and asked how he was, what could they do for him, and if he was comfortable. They were terrific!

Before coming to NTCO, Dennis couldn’t play with his grandkids like he wanted to. But things have changed! Recently they took a trip to Yellowstone, and he was able to walk and have a good time. The Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma has given him a new lease on life.

If you are enduring chronic pain whether from having had surgery like Dennis or from other types of neuropathies, there is relief! NOTHING CAN STOP YOU NOW when you visit NTCO for help. Our providers use a state-of-the-art treatment plan to zero in on what is causing your specific pain. We know that each person that walks through our doors has a different story and, therefore, requires a different approach to treatment.

Call (918) 921-8160 to schedule a consultation. Don’t be defined by your pain anymore. Dennis has gotten his life back to where he wants it. Now it’s your turn — be FREE TO LIVE AGAIN!