Diabetes, Neuropathy, and Next Steps for Recovery

March 1, 2022

Many people struggle with Diabetes. I would bet each one of us either knows someone who battles this condition or has it themselves. It doesn’t have to be debilitating, though, if it is treated correctly – and that’s where Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma can help!

Diabetes is a disease that impairs the body’s ability to process sugar or glucose, causing the need to take artificial insulin. And whether you or your loved one was born with the condition or it developed over time, one result can be diabetic neuropathy. This occurs when high blood sugar levels cause damage to nerves in your legs and feet. It can also affect nerves associated with your digestive system, heart, blood vessels, and urinary tract.

There are 4 main types of diabetic neuropathy and differing symptoms for each:

Peripheral – prevents normal sensation in the legs and arms.
– Reduced ability to feel pain or temperature changes
– Tingling or burning sensation
– Sharp pains or cramps
– Loss of balance coordination

Autonomic – regulating many different functions of the body.
– Frequent urinary tract infections / retention / incontinence
– Constipation or uncontrolled diarrhea
– Slow stomach emptying
– Difficulty swallowing
– Changes in the way your eyes adjust from light to darkness
– Increased heart rate at rest

Radiculoplexus – a motor condition affecting the lumbar region of the body.
– Severe pain in your hips, thighs, or buttocks
– Weak and shrinking thigh muscles
– Difficulty rising from a sitting position
– Abdominal swelling

Mononeuropathy – sudden sever pain in any area of the body.
– Shin or foot
– Lower back or pelvis
– Front of the thigh
– Chest or abdomen

There is a treatment that works to help reduce these symptoms so you can GET BACK TO LIVING! Nerve Regenerating Therapy (NRT) is a highly effective treatment using a Pharmaceutical Grade Nutrient Blend and gentle electrical signals applied to the affected region which significantly reduces symptoms in 87% of patients who undergo the therapy.

Our medical staff takes a patient-centered, multifaceted approach to treating the symptoms related to diabetic neuropathy. They also may recommend increasing your physical activity, physical therapy focused on restoring balance, and techniques for improving your diabetes control.

Call NTCO at 918-921-8160 to schedule a consultation and get help for your symptoms of diabetic neuropathy! We want to hear you say “I CAN AGAIN” after treatment at Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma.

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