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Exercising while dealing with chronic pain can feel daunting. But it’s all about taking some simple steps to get yourself going, and once you get into the routine of it, then pushing yourself to the next level. Whatever your starting point is – the key is to start!

There are 4 things to focus on when thinking about exercise: Aerobic Level, Flexibility, Strength, and Balance.

Aerobic Exercises

The focus here is to get your heart rate up to an aerobic level, promoting the circulation of oxygen in your body. Also referred to as cardio, these exercises make you breathe a little harder and work your muscles, pushing oxygen throughout your body. Taking a brisk walk in the neighborhood, fitness classes, swimming, or biking are great ways to get aerobic exercise, plus they can be low or high impact depending on your starting point.

Flexibility Exercises

Flexibility can be a great benefit to your general well-being. The tighter your muscles are, the higher the chance of strain or injury if you have a fall or accident. By regularly stretching your muscles, you will increase your range of motion and overall physical performance.

Strength Training Exercises

Building the strength of your muscles helps reduce falls and risk of injury, plus it increases your endurance so you can get back to doing the things your love to do. Another great benefit is that it can help manage blood sugar levels by removing glucose from your blood and sending it to muscle cells instead.

Balance Exercises

Improving balance can be so important in reducing falls and instability. By regularly strengthening your body in this way, you can more confidently climb stairs, walk in the neighborhood, and play with your grandkids again.

Getting into a good rhythm with exercise can be tough, but so rewarding in the long run. Make a plan and stick to it – you won’t regret it!

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