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Many patients who show signs of symptoms from neuropathy have been told that there really isn’t a cure or a treatment for them to do. Many people are living with the symptoms everyday, having to take multiple medications daily, and still seeing little to no results.

At NTCO, our medical staff takes a holistic approach to the treatment plan for you to start your journey to becoming symptom free of neuropathy. Our team understands that simple activities like playing with your grandchildren on the floor, doing your housework, or simply walking around the block, can be activities that you fear will never happen again.

A holistic approach to dealing with your symptoms gives us the opportunity to look at every aspect of your life and start a wellness plan that is tailored to your specific needs. Many times patients are thrown into a category based on what they are experiencing and given medicines to help, however, many of the medicines given only mask the symptoms or simply themselves have a side effect of neuropathy.

At NTCO, we do not prescribe medications, not even vitamins or supplements. We are all about the whole person, therefore, we take a look at the 8 dimensions of wellness:

  • Physical: Are you getting adequate sleep? What does your nutrition look like? Do you get at least 30 minutes of physical activity a week?
  • Occupational: What job do you currently have and what have you done in the past that could be affecting neuropathy? Do you like your job? Do you have a balance of work time and leisure time?
  • Finances: Is your financial state a stressor for you?
  • Environment: What is your current living situation and how does it affect your daily life?
  • Social: Are you connected in a community? Do you have a support system around you?
  • Intellectual: What are your unique talents and abilities? How do you use your skills?
  • Emotional: Do you deal with anxiety or depression?
  • Spiritual: What are your values and beliefs that help you find your purpose in life?

At NTCO, by taking this approach we have seen a success rate of 87% of our patients ending treatment with no symptoms of neuropathy. The patients who come through our clinic love the medical staff, the environment, and feel like family.

If you are dealing with symptoms such as numbness, tingling, burning sensations, muscle loss, painful cramps or twitching, your balance coordination is off, you feel like you have socks or gloves on when you don’t, or sharp shooting pain etc. reach out our office and schedule a consultation to see if our treatment plan is for you.

Call our office at 918-921-8160 to schedule your consultation today!