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At the Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma, not only do we believe in living a pain free life, we also believe in living out a healthy lifestyle! A healthy lifestyle could include things such as: giving up smoking, having a positive thought life, or eating healthier foods. The tough thing about making a lifestyle change is that in itself, it’s change! Not only are you trying to make a change quickly but you’re constantly being challenged by your old habits. Many people are afraid of starting a lifestyle change due to the looming sense of “failure”. NTCO is here to help you with a few simple steps on how to start committing to your lifestyle change without the fear of failure.

Step One: Find a support team to help you along the way

  • Finding a support team is vastly important in committing to a healthier lifestyle. When you have a helpful support system they can encourage you on tough days, keep you accountable and even walk alongside you in your journey!

Step Two: Taking one step at a time

  • The most common challenge of a lifestyle change is that it’s “too much, too fast” which makes for a disappointing “fail” if you don’t succeed. The best way to succeed in your lifestyle change is to take baby steps, one step at a time.
  • For example; if you’re looking into changing your diet and eating less sugar. It would be hard to cut out ALL sugars inside every meal and drink that you consume; however, you can take one sugary item out of your day as a small step towards the big goal!

Step Three: Having a positive outlook on your goal

  • Once you have set your mind on a goal, be sure to strive after it daily! A positive mindset can change the way you see challenges and negative situations. Recent studies have shown that positive thinking can increase lifespan, lower rates of depression, stronger immune system, better psychological and physical wellbeing, and better cardiovascular health!