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Mental and physical health can be almost like the chicken or the egg, which comes first? They are so interrelated that it’s hard to tell if the physical challenge worsens the mental state or the mental state furthers the physical challenge. Are you in so much pain that you have trouble doing anything, or does your poor outlook on life cause you to stay in bed and not do the exercises needed to stop the pain? Either way, how do you break that cycle?


Even just a small sliver of hope can propel someone to do something out of the ordinary – push you out of the mundane. Chronic pain due to symptoms of Neuropathy can easily take us to a place of depression. It might be because you can’t do your favorite activity anymore. You might be using a cane or wheelchair to get around and things are just harder to do, so why try? Or your friends are off on vacations you can’t imagine being able to do with how you are feeling. The spiral downward can feel unending.

Doctor after doctor might have told you that the only thing you can do to combat the pain is with surgery or narcotics. But that is not true. Nerve Regenerating Therapy (NRT) at Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma WORKS! We use a nonsurgical therapy that combines injections with a Pharmaceutical Grade Nutrient Blend with electrical cell signaling. 87% of patients feel significant relief from pain associated with symptoms of neuropathy. Plus, there are no side effects! NRT helps enhance the healing process by increasing available oxygen and blood flow, boosting second messenger molecules responsible for regenerating tissue, and promoting anti-inflammatory responses.

Hope for your future starts today when you call NTCO at 918-921-8160. Let us help you battle chronic pain so you can live the life you deserve again.