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Why is it that the best family holidays are in the wintertime — the time of year that neuropathy symptoms can be at their worst due to the colder weather? Blood flow slows down when your body is cold, causing more pain for those that suffer with symptoms of neuropathy. Not only that, the barometric pressure changes as well, causing an intensity to the pressure on your nerves, sending signals to the brain. Also, muscle spasms can increase due to soft tissue becoming firmer and tighter in the cold weather. Fun, fun right?

There are a few things you can do that can help relieve some of these cold weather challenges:

  1. Layer your socks and be sure to wear gloves. Your feet and hands will get the brunt of the cold weather because the blood travels farther to get to them. Keeping them cozy will combat a lot of pain.
  2. When choosing warm drinks, try to avoid caffeine. Caffeine can cause your blood vessels to temporarily narrow, and when your body is already colder, this doesn’t help pain from symptoms of neuropathy.
  3. Keep doing your exercise routine even though you might want to just curl up with a blanket on the couch. You want to keep your body active to increase blood flow during these cold months.
  4. Call Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma at 918-921-8160 and schedule a consultation for treatment that can change your life not only during the cold months, but all year long! Nerve Regenerating Therapy is proven to reduce the pain associated with neuropathy. Plus, we don’t use steroids or prescription medications.

Give yourself the gift of FREEDOM FROM PAIN this holiday season. Call NTCO and get treatment so that the rest of your life can be enjoyed to its fullest! There’s no reason to wait, call 918-921-8160 today.