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Everybody loves a good game when family convenes for the holidays. It’s a great way for all ages to come together with laughter and fellowship – and some good healthy competition to get the blood pumping through our veins.

Although, it might be challenging to find those games that the youngest and the oldest in our families can both play, with equal amounts of fun. Here is a great list of options that so many ages can enjoy:

  1. Qwirkle – A great tabletop game where you mix and match tiles of different shapes and colors. Since it doesn’t use words and most children can match shapes and colors at a fairly young age, this can be a great one for the entire family!
  2. Jenga – All ages can play this wooden block tower game. Be sure you’re not the one to bring it tumbling down.
  3. Dixit – This is a game involving storytelling and guesswork, bringing everyone’s imagination to life.
  4. Cranium – If you are up for some light acting, humming, sculpting, sketching, and guessing, this is such a fun game for all ages!
  5. Go Fish – Play with a regular deck of cards or with a deck specifically made for Go Fish!
  6. Dominoes – Another great matching game that young and old can play together!
  7. Checkers – A classic game that never gets old! Plus, young kids can grasp the concepts.
  8. Old Maid – Don’t get caught with the Old Maid in this fun card game!
  9. Puzzles – There’s nothing like putting together a good puzzle while relaxing with family!
  10. Uno – Be the first to get rid of your cards, but don’t forget to say the magic word, “Uno!”
  11. Farkle – Find out if you are a risk taker in this great family friendly dice game!
  12. Bingo – Find printable bingo cards or order an official set and play away! A classic for all ages.
  13. Bean Bag Toss – This one might get you up and moving a little bit. Create your own target or purchase one.
  14. Pictionary – No need to be an artist for this great family game – it just makes it even funnier!
  15. Charades – Break out your acting skills in this great family game!

Have a blast this holiday season with your family — and know that your friends at Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma are wishing you a Merry Christmas!