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No one wants to see a doctor for pain and leave with a heap of medications which, with side effects alone, make you feel more unlike yourself than before you went in for help. And then there are the resulting conversations of changing doses or trying a different medication, just to curb those side effects. These changes can drag on and on and, in the end, leave you feeling helpless. Don’t give up yet!  The pain free treatment at Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma can help.

At NTCO, we want to give you results without adding to your pain and discomfort. We have developed a new and effective way to treat the symptoms of neuropathy at its source without side effects, surgery, or additional medications. Plus, these treatments are safe. There’s no worry of adding to your misery, but rather alleviate it.

The number of success stories using our innovative treatments should be a great encouragement to those unsure about trying yet another method, when there’s been no success in the past. At Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma, we strive to bring you pain-free treatments like Nerve Regenerating Therapy. And not only that, but we also give you tools for daily life to relieve your symptoms and help you LOVE LIFE and LIVE PAIN FREE. You will leave with a wellness plan tailored to you, allowing you to breath a sign of relief that there is hope – that you don’t have to endure pain anymore.

We know one size doesn’t fit all when dealing with chronic pain. Our individualized treatment plan will target your specific needs, giving you the best chance at seeing success.

We want to hear your story! Schedule a consultation and let’s work together to target your specific needs. Our state-of-the-art treatment at NTCO is your next chance at success in getting your life back.