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Meet Sandy. Her neuropathy was holding her back in life. It was hard for her to even go to the store, and she was sleep deprived due to pain. Sandy had tried everything, including narcotics, for a long time. Nothing was working and she didn’t want to live with pain anymore. Then she was introduced to the Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma. Sandy had never been to a clinic where there was so much love and care. Sandy got amazing results – she doesn’t walk with her walker or cane anymore and has been able to do things she hadn’t thought she’d ever do again. Sandy even roller skated with her granddaughters – she would never have been able to do that before NTCO. Plus, it’s as exciting for Sandy as it is for her family. Sandy gets to love life again and recommends NTCO for anyone dealing with neuropathy.

Chronic pain from neuropathy doesn’t have to be something you have to endure. There is hope! At NTCO, our state-of-the-art treatment plan is tailored to your individual needs to bring relief from the symptoms of neuropathy. Plus, the kind and caring staff help you feel at ease because they understand what you are going through.

We want you to LOVE LIFE and LIVE PAIN FREE! You don’t need to manage your pain by taking medications that have awful side effects. NTCO uses medication-free treatments and brings relief to the symptoms of neuropathy without surgery or injections. Take a step towards living pain free. Call our office today at (918) 921-8160. No referral is needed.

Don’t go another day with pain. Sandy didn’t think it was possible, but it is! Watch the video to hear Sandy’s story!