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Before Ron came to the Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma, he was miserable despite the fact that he was on high doses of pain medications. He was unable to sleep through most nights and living with pain daily. He felt restricted in what he could do, due to the pain he felt with every movement he made.

Ron was desperate and looking for relief – and he found it at NTCO! Our doctors were able to get him off of medications that were causing some awful side effects, reduce his pain and help him sleep at night. If you asked Ron his advice on what you should do for pain, he would tell you to try NTCO. The sooner you give it a try, the faster chance you have at relief from chronic pain.

Many people that endure symptoms from neuropathy think that this is how they have to live the rest of their life – that there is no hope for relief. Managing the pain is all they know to do because they haven’t heard of NTCO and their medication-free treatments. But there is a new way to live – and it’s not out of anyone’s reach!

Here at NTCO, our goal is to help you LIVE PAIN FREE in 2021. With our innovative treatments, our patients are able to see relief without medication, surgery, or injections. Our friendly doctors and staff will come along side you by using a state-of-the-art treatment plan tailored to the individual needs of our patients to bring relief from the symptoms of neuropathy. Call our office today at (918) 921-8160 and change your life, like Ron did. No referral is needed.

Watch the video to hear Ron’s story!